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Nature Jewelry includes Insects and Nature pins, necklaces and earrings.
"All pieces of my Insect Jewelry are inspired by the real thing, and come
from my lifelong interest in insects, especially beetles.  I grew up on a
farm and there was always something living and crawling under the
big mica encrusted rock behind the barn, in the garden, tiny creatures
going about daily chores with a definite purpose."

Early on, creativity was encouraged. "My jewelry has always been a form
of playing and problem solving.  Every piece challenges me to work out a
puzzle, enabling me to create an object for the viewer.  I work in sterling
silver, karat golds, precious and semi precious gemstones."

An American jeweler who has been designing and producing
modern jewelry for over 30 years, Peggy's home is in Portland, Maine,
a beautiful sea side city with urban conveniences next door to the
beauty of nature, the ocean and quiet spaces.

The HouseWearables Jewelry Collection of house and food jewelry--
pins, necklaces and earrings--was first introduced in 1984, inspired
by a move to a new house. Cleaning out the family home reconnected
Peggy with childhood appliances, utensils and gadgets, and the
Plug-in Series was born.

"I work directly in sheet metal and wire to make each piece of jewelry.
Shapes are bent or pushed to create rounded forms.  I cut metal
with shears or a saw.  I also put stamped designs on many of my pieces.
Some are oxydized, dipped in a chemical that turns them
black, then rubbed to highlight some areas."

Each piece of jewelry is signed, dated and stamped with its precious
metal content.



  All designs and copy, copyright 1999 to 2007 Peggy Johnson. All Rights Reserved.
  Photograph by Sarah Carson.